Really Simple PHP and Ajax (RSPA)

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**** RSPA is now available for  PHP 4 and PHP 5 ****

RSPA is a component based event driven ajax enabled framework for PHP4 and PHP 5. It is a combination of plane PHP class and HTML.

Using this framework you can call server side PHP class functions from client side control events.  And in the server side function you can directly manipulate client side objects.

I Use Prototype and!


  1. Designer friendly since design is in plain HTML. It uses existing HTML controls.
  2. Can use simple PHP classes, Controls in HTML will be directly populated to PHP class.
  3. Can call PHP class methods directly from HTML control events.
  4. Can change the value and behavior of HTML controls from PHP method.
  5. The whole process is backed by ajax.
  6. Provides custom controls for non standard HTML controls like Label, AutoComplete, FCKEditor etc.
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